#meandclinicaltrials @ taiwan 19-21jun


Alhamdulillah, here I am, being a blogger cabukk again. Hikhik.*gelak tutup mulut bajet kiutt sgt* Ive made my second blog when i decided to personalize my hananhidupku , but then i realized, im not good at being a two-timer person. Not a good multitasking person but hell yeayhh at least im being loyal. The judgemental will judge but i'll take the risk. Biar apa orang kata, jangan Allah kata. 

Okayh. Lets back to the real story.

I just came back hometown after been away for my clinical trials meeting at Taiwan. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for lending me this opportunity to get involve with this research. Seriously research??!! Thing i HATE THE MOST from my undergrad till la da keje ni. No more fight or flight mech ke hape.. i just really positively super duper dont like research.. =( but this time, i've changed. I wanna pour million drops of fragrance to research and try to love it. * fighting!!

Taiwan, the weather is nice. Tak panas tak sejuk. Mcm msia jugak but it is hard to get halal food there. Hurmm maybe because we had it in Hsinchun City but i can say that it would be better if we had it in Taipei. Easy and fun for halal food, shopping and jalan-jalan. It tooks bout 1hr by car to get to taipei from the city and with a tight schedule and constrict time, there's not much to do. Sori family and friends, kite tak sempat nak rembat souvenirs gempak2 utk you all. Hangkut and terima je la mane yg ade yepp..hehe

So for this ct, i will be the unblinded pharmacist preparing drugs for the trials. We gonna look for usage of iv-oral solithromycin vs  iv-oral moxifloxacin in comm acquired bact pneumonia. Noted that solithromycin is the newest 4th gen of microlides and the 1st fluoroketolide. 

This time we gonna make a study pool for asian pacific data involving msia, taiwan, korea and philippines. 

Huh.. so it does make sense la kan we become the minority kali ni and the organizer tak tau pon nk prepared halal food for us. Mak jemahhh lapooo sgt tau. Rs mcm gastritis semcm dok ranggoss buah and salad and mineral water and my own biscuits and bread and fruit juice kat sane.. haihh haihh..mak jemahh tak bwk megi sebab bajet sekarang nk stop dah makan megiii. Padan muke hanggg.. tapi nasib baik la mak jemahh bukan jenis bernasik sgt. Bley la nak tahan lagi perasaan gempar dalam hati nk mkn nasik.

My bigboss mmg tak join makan langsg dah. Kite turun jgk curik2 buah and salad sume. Huhu. Ye laa sape lalu makan kalau tibe2 dalam shrimp fried rice ade pork. Serve halal seafood for muslim tapi letak daging yg xtau daging ape =( Urghhh. Sabau sabau. Semoga Allah ampunkan kalau termakan ape2 yg tak halal tu.

Okeyh. Im sure when the first pt come. Kite will be gelabah smpai ke bulan la cari balik cane nk prepare drug, nk record, nk simpn balance of supply, nak maintain double-blind sample. 

Anyhow, may Allah ease everything. =) 

And boss offer lepas ni ade research lg. Klu berminat nk join bgtau die. Hehe.. kinda like this boss walau mase folow die buat round ketaqq abehh lutut cheqq bedahh ooii.dah la cute, belanje biskut famous amos lagii, pastu teman kite g kaunter check in nk confirm kn online checking tapi pastu gelakkan kite sbb tak trus bwk luggage nk check in kan. Aiii aihhh..nasib la da kawin.. hahaha. Okey joking jeee...

Room memang heaven habis. Bilik air spaceout giler transparent smpai nak mandi sorg2 pon malu maka haruslah melilau cari suis close the window. Servis memang tiptop kt hotel ni. Kalau tau dok sorang, macam2 kite bawak buat spa ke sauna ke hape hape la kat sini..haha

Join the meeting with baju kurung and im proud of it. Malaysia, truly asian lahhh kunun. Meet nice people there =)

mukoo bulattt gottteyyyy wehhh.. !!!

Macam paham macam pahammm jerrr kann....HAHA

Tak kenal maka tak cinta.

Tapi dah kenal tak semestinya bercinta. Haha

But this time, i think im gonna love it.
insyaAllah. Susah senang we learn, we face it.

bye and take care.  =)

p/s: publish. Malas nk edit dah..kire jadi je semua..


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