Im not delusional. But something is not right here. Im in a confusion state.

Seriously. Im happy with my life. Alhamdulillah. I take everything positively, be it good or bad because i know if Allah brought me into it, He will always bring me through it. I have strong faith upon it.

But past few days, it happened again. I vomit whenever i ate. Ya Allah. Sangat tak selesa. Im eating healthily, even at jamuan raya besar besaran dekat hospital pon i just took a small portion of makanan yang sangat2 sedap tu. im struggling inside untuk control tau, but i terpaksa lari cute2 pergi tandas to vomit after i drank some water. *sigh* giler ke nak cakap aneroxia bulemia nervosa lakksss kan..

Last thursday, we donate blood again. I ate nasi dagang before kena inject dengan jarum besar tu. Then, after work i've joined my besties makan2 dekat secret recipe. Alhamdulillah, tak vomit lak but then bile sampai umah, i loss my appetite despite my mom masak sedap gilerr. Aihh. Tak ke rugi.

There's one thing. I notice this thing to me, whenever im sad or feeling uneasy,my body cannot respond well to food. Makan la sikit ke banyak ke, mesti muntah.

But how come it happen when im pretty sure my life is at ease now? Ok la, a bit serabut with work life but it never affect my eating habit and behavior pon. Iskk..

Something is not right here because da muntah lagi lepas makan a few bijikss of durian. Arghhh. Tak suke this thing!!

Oo Allah. To you i seek forgiveness. 

Bye. Take care all..


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