Woman at heart

I was whatsapping with my friend few days back. Actually we were more into gossips, i think. Biase la. Pompuan. Hehe. We talked about present life, boring day at work, luxurious dreams and future, not to leave about takdir and jodoh. Kohkoh. Such a lame topic!

At the end of our conversation, she sent me this.

Ahaa. That heartbreaker man nak jugak buat type yang macho-macho kan?? Pfff..

Great cartoon with a significant glance.

 " Once you start moving on, He eases the pain in your heart "
 Yasmin Mogahed

Yes. This got nothing to do with me. Just sharing..=)

Takleh nak baling kunci sebab takde kunci. lol

 Bye. Assalamualaikum.


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