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Get prepared early for bed but couldn't shut down my mind. Blerghh.. Sok mata lebam lagi la jawabnye and k mi forever-cheerful-kakak is going to bising bragging about me looking soo kurus with exhausted face. Huu

Addicted to this game. Wani..!! Why did this to me??!!

Used all my collected coins,yet cant get the answer. Arghhhh.. Tension. Haha. Bersungguh btol main..=p

Can you??


Anonymous said…
its overkill..ive go through your blog, n its my favoutite game too..hehe..ive been thinking about it overnight to get the correct answer..hehe
hananhayati ♥ said…
Hye anon..!
Correct. Its overkill. And indeed,its killing to get the answer. Challenging kn game ni. Or mybe bcause im no good in english,xtau byk vocab, that's why i stuck again!! Demit laa..

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