Makcik, you make my day!

Since that tragedy, everyday is a gloomy day. It has been strainful to smile,cheer up,and laugh like crazy *sigh*

Ministry of Health has intensively trained me and fellow friends to keep smiling no matter what. No doubt at all. Another merit for being in MOH. Ye ke??

So. Here I am.

Stood here. Smiling. With broken smile.

A moment.

One makcik come to take her meds. As soon as i complete dispensing all her meds,she pause and say to me;

"manisnyaaaa senyum..." sambil tangan nak cuit dagu cik pharmacist.

Tergamam! But then smiling again.

Terkiput-kiput malu. Thank you makcik. You really make my day! Haha *celah mane manis pon tak tahu*

Terus semangat nak kerja. Lalalala

Bye. Assalamualaikum.


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