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Maka begitulah

Live like you're dying and never stop trying.

Tapi hujan turun mencurah-curah, hidup semakin tak produktif. Sejuk mencucuk tulang.

End up, menjadi perempuan berkerudung selimut. Cehh. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

Good nyte all.

Amik pic hawa share mase wasap. Setuju ngn ray, pic ni sgt menarik.

Dah. Assalamualaikum. Bye =)

Life's like that

Col last night till i felt like vomiting. Suffering the whole night before the dawn.

Full of dizziness associate with puffy face, i still take my path to work. Haiiyaaa. Kepala seriously tak leh function. Harap takde la medication errors jadi arini.

I throw myself to Allah and let Him guide me thru. I can't think of anything right now. Really, so fragile and vulnerable. -_-"

Life, please be nice to me..

Arghh. I hate my self damn much bile start buat entry meluah perasaan kt blog. Waaa. Pathetic giler rase..! Aduh..

The day

20.12.2012, and Jeli was raining heavily.

I'm fasting so patience is with me. InsyaAllah =) so klu tak pose tak sabar ah? Lol. Hurmm..Lots of things happened recently, though, I'm strong enough to face it. Allah with me. Allah always with us. Right? It's us that eventually leave Him. Astaghfirullahalazim.

Family first. Always.. =)


Azab. The right word to describe it. For couples of days, I've lost one of the biggest nikmat Allah has sent down to human kind. Nauzubillah -_-"  Nikmat to rest, to have peaceful mind and recharge your energy when you are just lying down, doing nothing except breathing while closing your eyes. I don't have it. For this time being. ='( Betul la kan. Kalau Allah nak tarik nikmat, kun fayakun, tak sampai sesaat pon. Lesap!

Sleepyhead like me, not be able to sleep creates catastrophe in my life. DUhh.. Seriously. Going outside sunnatullah, make me sick! Dah memang Allah ciptakan malam untuk rehat, but then your mind can't stop working and your body 'involuntarily refuse' to rest, of course esok kau pergi keje pon rasa terhuyung hayang lain macam je, pantang tak kena semua nak lempang. Eleleleyy..Bajet ganas.

Yes. I heard it. Why don't you get up, take wudhu, recite Quran and doing tahajjud prayer? Dapat pahala qiam dah alang-alang tak boley tido kan. But…

Some things

Some things are not worth to be rush. Some things are just worth waiting for. Some things are worth to be done. Some things are just meant to be. Some things are better left unsaid. Some things are not worth to be fighting for.
All in all. It depends on you to decide on that.

Take a good care.