Kalau tak nak orang tahu, don't say a word about it, don't even post on fb, don't tweet it, don't blog it.

You can just telan everything to yourself.

Once you told and the story was broken, there will be no secret at all.

I don't bother to know and kepoh pasal life orang as i like to keep something to myself. Of course there's exception. So if aku tak menyebok hal orang, why should you menyebok mine?

But, I am a good listener. I'm pretty sure bout it. *masuk lift tekan butang seniri* Even i have zero idea on how to solve your problem, but really,  I can lend my ears my shoulders to you. And everything is private and confidential. Still, it doesn't mean I have to share mine. Kan??

Dan kalau kau sugul, bad mood and your friends care about you asking what happens dan kau tak nak bagitau. Pehlisss la. Taknak bagitau sudah. Ada aku kesah??


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