Ntah bagaimana

Lots of friends, colleagues, juniors, seniorstakyahciterla relatives get married. COngratulations all. Happy for all of you. ^o^ Terase kehilangan especially when they 'manufactured' babies. Oh my, i know babies are super gebu, cute adorable but my friends hold big responsibilities to take care of amanah that Allah has been given to them. Time will be occupied with kiddo as they are theirs priority now -_-" Somehow, we really need to accept that when we grow older, we will be burden with our own life and get carried away leaving our past behind. Tak cukup masa nak catching up with old friends dah  *Mood rindu nak borak lame-lame ngan pijah-super-hot-mama. Miss you pijah bucuk ='( 

The only wedding yang saya sempat pergi..MIDA's WEDDING aka MINI REUNION =)

Me cannot picture myself as a wife, way far as a mother because everything seems like a white blank canvas waiting to be painted with...????? big and trillion question marks there. Hoho.  I don't know, human can only make plans but Allah indeed a Great Planner. He is The Wiser The Most Knowledgeable and He Knows Everything which we may not. All I can do is pray, pray and always pray.

Jealousy indeed overwhelmed me when I saw mesmerizing photos of my beloved friends travel here and there. Sape tak jeles maa..One of the nikmat yang kita wajib kena bersyukur if we have opportunities to experience others living kat tempat lain when there still people yang nak dapat makan untuk sehari pon susah. Apsal macam ayat keling je.. -_-" Tapi tak tahu kenapa, i was like emm..tak tahu nak cari term ape to describe my feeling, nak kate heartless, NO lah because it must be a wonderful journey to travel with people that we loved. Hurmm..i still cannot find any words to describe it. Mixed feeling. Rase macam i left something behind, rase macam something bothering me, rase macam something touch my heart my brain, something which i not know what it is, where it is, when it is or who he/she is. As if tak dapat nak fully happy. Lebey kurang la. Aduh..* kepala kene ketuk sebab mengarut*

Dok sorang-sorang and own 2 houses *wahh..bunyi macam kaya btol* betul-betul membosankan. Out of blue, aku dah jadi peminat novel melayu. So does kak zu. Surprise..!! Uwekkk.. uwekk.. Haha. So true. Manusia memang boleh berubah. Dan kebosanan ini telah merubah ku. Ecewah. tengok, kuar trus ayat novel. Great thanks to tuan punya library novel ciknab sebab bagi pinjam baca. Entah dah berapa novel ntah khatam untuk 3 4 hari dok sorang2 ni. And korang, kite dah kuar masuk, masak bergolek berjoget kat umah korang ala ala macam dah rumah seniri dah. Kihkih. Thanks tau!!


Enough melalut.

Don't stop praying for GAZA.

Stop makan MEKDI.

Bye. Assalamualaikum.


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