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Just...K.E.L.A.K.A.R..!! HAHAHA


Poor Lion King..Iskk

Kalau anda sebatang jagung, jangan mengada nak main panas!
HAHAHAHA. Adoii la. banyak lagi gambar kelakor. Tak larat nak upload. Adeh, Sakit perut gelak..O.o

Terima kasih manusia kelakar yang kreatif ! ^_^


Last night was a total bizarre nightmare! Seriously.. I will only go for HOME-MADE NASI AYAM... I swear..!-_-"




Wait for it..

and Six !

Alive and healthy. 
Surrounded with happy loving family. Helpful friends and colleagues.


Thank you Allah for all your boundless gifts to me.

Your humble servant, Hanan Hayati Mamat

Hak Kita, Hak Kita

Kalau jodoh kita, jodoh kita.
Bercinta. Berkasih sayang bagai nak rak sekali pon, kalau bukan jodoh kita. Tetap bukan jodoh kita.
Every muslim should believed, there's Allah behind everything. Ada qada dan qadarnya. Apa yang kita harus buat ialah berusaha, berusaha dan berdoa. Seterusnya bertawakal agar takdir Allah berjalan seiring dengan kehendak kita.
Something, if it was destined to be ours, then it will be. Kalau hak kita, pasti akan menjadi hak kita. 
Kalau bukan? Life must go on. Be patience. Live our life peacefully and harmony. May it be granted with bless and happiness by Allah swt.
"...But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not." Surah Al Baqarah ayat 216.

Allah knows, and you know not. Extra-sure TRUE !

Perempuan dan Period Diary

Hye everyone..How was your weekend? Mine? Ohoo..I had my unexpected journey this weekend. Out of blue, i reached at cheras with my own car. But of course, i don't do the drive. Phewww -_-"
Back to topic, (though its quite embarrassing to talk about this topic in my blog), but i think it's a must-know-topic for every single woman out there.
Okay...Let me ask you a single personal question here, could you tell me your last menstrual day for past month? When was you started menses and when was your last day? As for me, if I didn't 'date' it properly in my calendar, i can't afford to remember it. Not for every month. Hehe. My fellow pharmacists' friends surely just like me as we got a lots of drug information to kept in mind. ( Iyee la tuu minah..padahal time doctor quiry, ko refer buku jugak, tak sempat-sempat pon nak hapal. Hakhak)

So, kenapa aku rase pentingnya untuk kita semua make a good record about our own menstrual cycle? It is simply because of t…

CInta Kuasa Dua

I Love You double dose. Hai lah kereta.. Kalau tak wangi lagi tak tau la !