The Awesome and Best Comedy-Drama-Series # HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother

The first time i heard about it from my friends i was super duper much clueless. What the?? How i met what?? Best sangat ke? During that time, i've lost my interest to watch drama series regardless it was korean dramas, japanese dramas or taiwanese dramas. I put my prime interest on movies like horror movie, action or maybe the trilogy one, which in turn, need less time to spend whenever I want to finish the storyline.

The more they talk about it, the more they trigger my sense of curiosity. Iskk..ini tak boley jadi, what's so special about the sitcom. Sungguh aku tak puas hati. Then, I asked a copy of it from my friends, and they give me a bunddle of HIMYM series..!! From Season 1 till Season 5. If I not mistaken, now HIMYM is already in Season 6 and to further continue to Season 7 and 8. Surprisingly, I managed to stay up all night long just to finish it. Hahaha. From one episode to another one, jumping from one season to the next season, with my jaw got tired of non-stop-laughing as my retina focused on the story. Hahaha. Aih.. cant stop laughing whenever i'm thinking about it. Lol.

You are getting older if you can't find anything funny is funny.. And I can assure you, HIMYM is sooo hilarious..!! You just grow old if you don't throw your laugh.. BAHAHHAHAHA

I love each one of the character. Ted, Lily and Marshall, Robin and the forever classy comedian, Barney..hehe

Ted, he's the story teller and the story is about him actually. As this is the story he told his son and daughter on how he met their mom and his past life. At first, I hate it when it was so easy for Ted to fall in love with any girl(s) but that's how the story is. A bonus about him is that he was so honest and sincere about his feeling. If he feels that he might be in love with the wrong girl, he will speak it and end it even it  will hurt them both, for sure.

Lily is nothing without Marshall and vice versa. They such a perfect couple. Marshall kind of weird, same goes to Lily, but the way they live their love-life, i really admired it..! Cute but weird. Hahaha

Robin is gorgeous. She's also great at making jokes.

Final character is Barney. Haha. I had a senior whose the same character like Barney. Smart, at the same time, love to make lucah-jokes, but acceptable one laa.. Hahaha. Sooo LAGENDARY yet sooo AWESOME..

I love the way they appreciate their friendship. Their supportive attitute toward friends but, at the same time, they still 'belasah and kenakan' each other without hate and grudge. All in, everything macam sangat spontan and not a fake humor or annoying one. ( or maybe they are good actors/actress, isn't it??) Just so, they really succeed in bringing up their role.

Fine anything in common??

Barney..!! How could you, maintain the same pose in the pictures.. Hahahaha. Lawak.

Forget the broken english -_-"


Mar said…
"You are getting older if you can't find anything funny is funny" pehhh, amat terasa di sini. skrg mmg sume benda terasa bosan huhu

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