M, you are so scary -_-"

Your love can divide, not just grow.
So, who's the special one?

You are gentle, caring and sometimes understanding,
Yet, you are unreadable;
Wisdom of lie
Ancestor of false hope
Legacy of heart breaker.

Don't hypnotize girl,
Stop putting your spell on girl,
She hates it.
She hates you.
Cause she may like you
Though she may not know you.
And her mind says not to.
Allah, please rescue us from the wrong of you.

You are the father of evil
Mother of hell
You make a son killed a father
A sibling stabbed his sister
A husband beat his wife.
You hurt people.

You destroyed happiness
You dismissed care
You spread grudge
You circulate dissatisfaction
You killed love
When you grow hate.

Because of you
World at no peace.

You are not the end.
If it ends,then it will be gone. Easy.

But, you are the beginning
The starter of unpredictable life.

With you, we dreamt of happiness
But we get tangled with suffering
Full of sacrifice.

It takes courage, boldness and patience
For the challenge you give
The tears you shed
The burden you project.

Peace and victory are there,

only if we remember Allah.
Always Him.

Bear it,
Girl, is still valuable,
Full of respect
And honour,
Even without you.
You are not everything.


You are truly scary...

But, I must admit...

I need you. All of you.

Indeed, I warned you...

I am brave. Brave enough to face you.



Mar said…
pls take note, M for Mardhiah is not scary~ lalalala :p
Haziah Salleh~ said…
Wow! Anea the poet~ (^^) conclusion aku kt post ni adelah.. Dlm hidop ko da ade money, man and coming MARRIAGE! hahaha am I right???
Anea_hayati ♥ said…
Mar..taklah..you are lovely..and......hehe. Isi la tempat kosong tuh..=P
Anea_hayati ♥ said…
Rentikan semua itu. Hahaha. Aku memang ade semua tu kat sekeliling aku tapi malangnya..semua tu bukan milik hakiki aku lagi. Belum sampai waktunya..hehehe..( Cara bercakap dah macam orang tua la weh -_-" )
shifaa said…
what about s?
safee sali
sapiq rahim
shifaa jamal
kalau S ada satu lg, salehuddin ;p

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