Random Thought # Obviously Random

A monster Master before marriage..

I think i misplaced my trust for someone who doesn't deserve it, but i wont regret. 

A compliment from someone who don't know you is pure.

You are a true beauty only if your enemy said so.

Crazy bout sports, and definitely tend to fall in love with sportsman. Future-H, please play. Just anything, and OUTDOOR games okey..

You can broke your promise. Your unnecessary promise. Why not? A secret is to be told, a promise is to be broken.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine. The only key is to return to Allah.


Anonymous said…
people who broke promise is munafik.. there's no such thing as unnecessary promise.. a promise is a promise.. that's why, don't easily make promises..
Butang said…
whoopss..i thought it was a 'random thought' which is....'obviously random'? hehe..no offense, but in the end "the key is return to Allah" rite?

o yaa..another future husband's story eh? nice~ =P
Anea_hayati ♥ said…
To Anonymous:

I knew someone would mentioned munafik when i talk bout that promise thingy. I'm sorry. Ur perception is right but it's just my opinions when we accidentally make promise with wrong person at wrong time, wrong place and wrong situation..
Anea_hayati ♥ said…
To Butang:

Thanks, btw, what's wrong with the 'future husband' ehh??


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