Tolong diagnose aku..

Chief complaint: Loss of interest x 3/7

History of present illness:
-Boredom x 1/52 ago
-Lethargy for 1/12
-not motivated to do job and reading for past few days
-Insomnia and always wake up early morning, thus end up of not enough sleep and feel sleepy most of the time
-increase oral intake, take breakfast and superduper lunch during lunch break, taking meals for tea time and never miss dinner and supper ~ abnormal diet
-Short term memory lost - always forgot what she planned to do eventhough she just mentioned about it, and increase frequency of leaving stuff behind (Duhh..penat aku kena patah balik untuk amik barang)

Past Medical History: Alhamdulillah, so far granted with healthy body

Past Rx History: nil (Memang jenis liat nak makan ubat even it is just a PCM, name je pharmacist minah ni =P)

Social/Family History:
-nonsmoker and really hate smoker. Yes i do! Especially those who smoke in crowd and those with kids. Please la bro, kasi can la budak tu nak hidup lama sikit. *Tibe2 nak emo kat smoker*
-currently spent less time with friends and family due to time constrict..Urghh..i really need that.
-not constantly doing housecore and leave it to her mom due to malasness and lethargy and serabutan after coming back from hospital

Please..tolong diagnosed aku~



Anonymous said…
- pt has facial illness due to insomnia. all the collagen fibers in skin is slowly collapse.

- pt has has potential of obesity due to excessive nutrition intake per day. this will affect her marriage probability, due to unable to maintain her external beauty.

- pt has lack nerve stimulator and most probably lost her mind also. this has been proved from her record, which shows "she always forgot what she planned to do eventhough she just mentioned about it".

- finally, pt need to practice more in english. because, all result from the case shown, she use rojak words and also carca marba.

- garnea -> to reduce eye bag.
- oat and other slimming product -> to reduce weight and collestrol.
- gingkobiloba -> to reduce mental retardness ;P
- MacMillan @ Dewan Bahasa Kamus Dwi-bahasa -> to improve pt english.

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