Sila pandai bezakan..

(tajuk mmg xde kaitan lgsg.i guess :P)

Desperately, i need a pair of sports shoes. In a way of that, me, mother n babuji went to al-ikhsan, a famous sports outlet to find it. Besides, babuji also want to buy football for his school kids (kecik2 da main gune bola mahal) After a while, i was bewitched with a black Nike shoes. Gulp..soo expensive..rm229!! After sales price. Thank God, He guides me with a wise decision not to buy that even i was totally in love with that style..Smart giler!! Indeed, its size didn't suite me well. Alhamdullillah..xde ah rs bersalah sgt. Then, i've told my mum that i just want to pick a new shoes at Bata..wahh..Bata again!! since i was in kindergarten..

i know it now..even i extremely need a sports shoes, it does means that it should be for amount of 50 notes for that. My friend told me "As long as u r comfortable with it" it is valuable to save money and wears Power instead of Nike.

That's it..dapat satu kasut Power n limited Edition CLEO..hahaa..mencelah gak magazine ni :P

p/s: mlm ni naik bas..=/


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