TRUST by day, there are lesser peOple fOr me tO trust and depend on..even thOugh i rather prefer tO be independent..but sOmetimes, human's limitation trigger us tO seek help frOm others..especially with the closed one.byk btul incident yg berlaku yg buatkan sy pk..

"xyah la mtk tlg.setelkan seniri..kang jadi pape plak.."

"jgn campur.biarkan je.."

"xpe..klu ckp nnti huru hara plak jadinye.."

"maleh ahh nk tnye2 org..kang bende len yg jadi.."

in the end..end up with silent mOde actiOn which is sOmetimes is nOt the best actiOn..

persOalannya skg..

am i the One that is trusted by others?

am i the one that peOple will think whenever they need help?

or the wOrst is..

am i the One that cannOt be trusted by Others??

Owhh..sgt pilu itu..

(eyhh..berjaye buat entry pendek tp bermakna..yeay!!)

SOmeOne that previOusly nice tO us might turn Out tO be like a mOnster..
but this mOnster Inc stil kind Of cute.rite? :)


Izaty Arha said…
kti pernah rasa cmtu gak. yup, then you will be like ALONE in your own world. there's a million out there who you still can trust. sharing is caring. and it would lessen the burden. trust me, kalau ALONE forever, you will be depressed
aNeA_hAyATi said…
thanks k helps a lOt..
Anonymous said…
tp,klo org ckp blakang2,mksudnye masih ade yg tau akan kewujudan kite..dats why diorg backbiting..

and its better than 'alone'..jz nk kongsi secara positif..(^_^)

tp lg bgus g carik yg bleh share evrythg n we can trust..ngahaha..byk lak 'tp'..=P

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