~ trOubLe is a fRienD ~

--> when scroll dOwn his blOg..my ears capture the sOng that he set fOr his blOg (rase cam penah dgr) After that, sy selOngkar my music archieve fOr Lenka's sOng and tetibe rase nk cari her videOclip plak..

i was really attracted n amazed with wayang kulit theme that they applied in this videOclip..

hurmm..is there any oppOrtunities tO enjOy wayang kulit again??

Owh ye..geng..ape kate AGD nnti kite wt wayang kulit?? ahakss..

enjOy~ (^_~)..


Anonymous said…
owh..right after listening to this song,

ktak ktuk ktak ktuk
< typing >

lenka 4shared.com >> search


yeah! found all her songs..
*wink2* (^_~)

thanx 4 sharing this song..nvr heard...yet..ngee~
Mr Black gagak said…
haha...yup we dont used our heritage in publishing our product but outsider more appreciate and using this as the platform ^_^
aNeA_hAyATi said…
@ anOnymOus..

hahaa..terbukti x sy x KEDEK??
I share what i knOw ape..:P
aNeA_hAyATi said…
@ Mr Black Gagak

yups..we only take thing fOr granted..

black Gagak tetap black dlm wayang kulit..hehee

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