tHe OnLy 1st Week

i felt obviOusly enthusiastic to update my blog with my new Kulliyyah of Pharmacy building aka KOP nOt COP \(^_^)/ But due to sOme rOnggeng2 time with lOvely nice friends enjOying TransfOrmers..Ice AGe n latest Harry intentiOn juz went dOwn under the undisclOsed what-sO-ever space i dOnt even knOw where it is..hahaaa..

Dress up beautifully in the mOrning just to clean up Our AuditOrium which is Our Lecture Hall tO be..hee..Final year students will have their lectures in this huge, sleep-induced-seat (as quated by Pr.H), and unstable air cOnditiOner..heehee..sOmetimes u felt like gLobal warming inside but sOmetimes u felt like u were thrOwn at any North or South Pole..sejukkk!!! Grrr..

Okey..sOme pictures taken in kelam kabut time particularly hit ur nerve with its lOw quality...haiisshhhh..

Dear Al Mighty Allah..please protect our lecturers from making their stunt here..amin~

Here is also sOme beautiful photos taken by my juniors..-->> them @ main2 di KOP
Credit to them :)

I deeply want to cOngratulate our Kulliyyah to have their own building. As far in the future, we area able to enjOy and appreciate lots of programmes regardless academically, prOfesiOnally or spiritually tOwards nurturing a prOfessiOnal and ideal Muslim Pharmacists generatiOn...

ahaa..sO patiently i am and my friends abOut wanting a cOol, marvellOus and finger linking gOOd breakfast and lunch (and maybe tea break also) at Own Own cafe so that we will nOt spending Our time climbing up and dOwn the hill to go to KOM anymOre while the gastric juice is secreted..

Dear all..Love and happy tO see us seeking knOwledge at this place..
May Allah bless us all..(^_^)


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