Fight bAck tO sChOoL..!!

It's the end of inter sem vacation..40 days..filled with sleeping..eating..movies n layaning kerenah alin..but i really..totally enjoy the time.. :)

one day it comes..YEAR 3 SEM 2..
by hook or crook..i need to make a quick fixes for my, need change..not only change but lots of CHANGES!!!..

no more tangguh2 report..wt assgnment..n membuang mase yg ntah pape..revolve all the behaviours that doomed to failure..harworking-smart-time manageable- are some of the must-have attitude that me should be crawling for..

My Prospectus..

Core courses..

Pharm ANalysis II .. senior ckp sbject nie quite bored skit sbb kte xleh nk imagine sgt analysis machine tu..blaja plak punye la detail kalah engineering students..compared with pharm ana I punyer..yg I lg ok..hurmm..we'll see..
Clinical Pharmacy I
Clinical Pharmacy II... haha..jumpe pts..takotnyer!! dah la labcoat off white..x pasal2 kne tegur ngn prof Haniki lg..kehkeh..nnti yer prof..ngah usahakn labcoat baru nie..malu gak nk jumpe pts ngn c0mot2..standard kne jg beb..hopefully..spanjang wt posting ni..x jumpe pts yg cerewet..klu jumpe pon..take it s challenge..go for it!!
Body System VII : CNS
Body System VIII : Sensory Organs.. Body system lg..huhuuu..nk kne wt OSPE gak ke?? Br.erman..xnk lupuskn OSPE ker??hehe..
ANti-Infective n Cytotoxic Agents

Elective Courses..hurm..ngah pk2 lg nk amik yg mane..

Industrial Attachment
DRug Abuse
Research Project - Literature Search..

My opinion..sem nie x byk sgt wt lab thus minimum time spending for reports..klu tgk cdt hours core course pun 15 jer..unlikely the previous sem..22.5 we are now exposed to the hospital attachment..doing clerk case pts..we pretend to be busyholic..there are a lot to cover n catch up with..lpas attach..nk kne present lg..wt report jugak lg..priorize mmg kt time management laa.if not..hancus gak sem nie..hopefully x jumpe ngn pts yg cerewet time posting tu..klu jumpe jugak..take it as challenge..Go fOr it..!! PBL..even 1 cdt hr..still kne spend mase utk discussion.nak2 klu group ngn bro..(sah2 la ade bro :P ) diorg dah la dok luar..nk kne plan 4 da rite time 4 discussiOn..huhh..

May ALLAH swt guide me through this..

hahaa..xbrani dah nk expect lebey2..juz pray that it would be better than the past~

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intan.dayana said…
byk gile subject..!!!
Azri said…
selamat menuntut ilmu anea..
shafiqrahman said…
Things will be ok, insyaallah =)
haziah said…
waduh2!!! adakah aku sgt ignorant... Hahaha aku x prasan pon sumer nih

Tape2.. set our bar beb!!! NAd then jump for it!!! Go GO anae... N jiji.. hahaha

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