~ On yOuR BeSDei...

Special DedicatiOn to mY Fren..=)

Kurgkn la perangai ngajuk tuu..ur moody goody..
haha..sian kt org len..pening2 pk nk pujuk+handle ur mo0d..sian kt ur future partner nnti..kehkeh..if not..my 'Double A' projek cancel laa..

Heran..sgt2 heran.how we can be this close?? Padahal..my first impression toward u.."Myampah jer tgk bdk nie.Ntah pape.."

Anyway..it's nice to know n have u as my fren..

Crazy Friends
Awesome MySpace Comments & Myspace Layouts

I appreciate all the ways how u treat people esp the frens of u..

how u try to make them satisfied in evritin..
but sumtimes...
u need to know that to have u as a fren is already the satisfaction..

Ride the Rainbow..Even rainbow comes after rain..U can still feel the happiness of its colors...hidup ni mmg mcm tu..x semestinyer kte mendung dek hujan jer..kdg2 ade pelangi yg menanti. x kisah la time ujan ke pelangi ke..still..
...i'm glad 2 have u along..

U need to learn to say 'No'...
Jgn pakse diri kte wat bende yg kte x hepi nk buat, juz utk hepikn org len..in d end..kte jd x iklas..n kte seniri rase x best..

Learn to accept things..
xde istilah nyusahkn org once kte dah jd kwn..
whateve we do..it's all about fren..that's what frens are..
..so..kdg2..x salah trime niat baik dr KWN..kn??kn??

A birthday cake for y0u..
hehe..1 slice sudah..jgn jd bola..=P

Pernah n slalu org citer bad things about me..
but thanks 2 y0u..coz make me realizad that we know ourself better than others..

" People might say bad things about y0u but y0u should never say bad things about urself "

Btul x?? =)
No matter how complex n complicated u are..
That is y0u..
the Only y0u..
The Unique Y0u..I trust y0u..
sbb tu it's a relief to share evritin with u..

reveal the secret..
experience ur opinion..
pushing out the stress..
n compounding the laugh and tears together...


Pray Allah will shower y0u with His bless..=) Guide y0u along His path.. Forever..n ever..n ever..



Anonymous said…
anae oo anae...
sapa kawan ko yg malang tu?
FabuLous WinNeR said…
ermm...i tink i cn guess who is da person. it's ok, juz btwn us knoe whoever is da person rite? hehehe.
aNeA_hAyATi said…
hehe..terer2 k mas..
Anonymous said…
haha... aku tau gak, aku tau gak!!!
mamat tu hensem kan? hehhe
aNeA_hAyATi said…
haha..mamat tu hensem??
adakah salah org?? haha

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