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~ On yOuR BeSDei...

Special DedicatiOn to mY Fren..=)

Kurgkn la perangai ngajuk tuu..ur moody goody..
haha..sian kt org len..pening2 pk nk pujuk+handle ur mo0d..sian kt ur future partner nnti..kehkeh..if 'Double A' projek cancel laa..
Heran..sgt2 we can be this close?? first impression toward u.."Myampah jer tgk bdk nie.Ntah pape.."'s nice to know n have u as my fren..

Awesome MySpace Comments & Myspace Layouts

I appreciate all the ways how u treat people esp the frens of u..
how u try to make them satisfied in evritin..
but sumtimes...
u need to know that to have u as a fren is already thesatisfaction..
Ride the Rainbow..Even rainbow comes after rain..U can still feel the happiness of its colors...hidup ni mmg mcm tu..x semestinyer kte mendung dek hujan jer..kdg2 ade pelangi yg menanti. x kisah la time ujan ke pelangi ke..still..
...i'm glad 2 have u along..
U need to learn to say'No'...
Jgn pakse diri kte wat bende yg kte x hepi nk buat,…
time kte mkn kenyang2 smpai nk terbluekk sbb 'kenye bedoOh'..penah x kte pk kt org yg kebuluran?? yg nk mkn pon susah sbb xde mknn???

on 22nd nOV..
in support of HUNGER RELIEF PERIOD 2008..
KFC..PIZZA HUT..AYAMAS..n ade lg len2 foodstuff company collaborate ngn diorg nie organized CHARITY WALK..kt Taman Tasik Perdana..rmai gak yg's beyond the expectation nie coz more than thousand Msians join jln2 prog nie..Ramai wOoo..dari warga emas smpai la ke baby yg dlm stroller..sume ade..mmg "I WAS THERE" laa..
ecly, this charity walk adalah utk donate duit dkt World Food Fund yg nnti akn d gunakn utk membasmi kebuluran kt fed prog etc
sume org tau yg KFC Holdings nie adalah yg msia punye n die include skali pizza hut n la kes psl nk boikot2 KFC nie patutnyer..
KFC Msia je dah donate 20K kt fund nie..+ 10K dr Pizza Hut..ayamas punyer x igt..++ dr yg Spore, kemboja n francais kt neg donation = 1 Juta..!!

Bile pk balik..dlm dio…

...CLerk KenT...

Cuti2 ni, sy ngn baik ati nyer (yeke baik ati?? ke nk increase fulus time cuti..hehe)nolong my br0-in -law with his newly establish law firm..when my sis told me that he need helps..i thought it was juz a simple work to katak!!! terkejut bile smpai opis byk giler files bertimbun kt ctu..luckily nayo n ejah pon ade same..we're sharing wt keje..jd firm family plak..hehe..
Now, i'm not dealing with prescriptions or drugs anymore but with the term of legality, law, Majistret, affidavit etc.. tukar career jap. Carik pengalaman baru..Best ape..=)
This firm handles the suing files to PTPTN holders..Bleh bayangkn brape rmai org yg amik PTPTN + x byr kt bumi Msia nie?? Up to now we have about 1800 files to handle..!! Sape tau how much it cost 4 1 file?? uikss..yg tu rahsie..hehe..kang kne pecat dek 'my Boss'..Kes pecah amanah..Bahaye2..
Me as Pharmacy student was sOoo LUCKY sbb dpt scholar JPA..

Dah la bleh tahan byknye, free plak tu..Klu kne government service tu a…

~The VeRy BeginNing~

It's over..!! Adios amigo my SEM 1 YEAR 3..

I've overcome with my Hospital attachment (biar g dgr briefing je pon but stil exhausted)
Body system..musculo..GIT..urinary..endo yg dijwb ngn hampeh dlm final..
Dosage Design yg tahap x igt byknyer..nnti ade DD2 plak..waaa..
also hapalan2 herbs dat never leave i Botanist or Pharmacist?? konpius2..


CUTI TIME a.k.a ENJOY TIME..!!! hee..
But donno borim giler cuti kali ni..Padahal..time campus life esp time final..
become one of my cogan kate..huhh

Akhirnyer..trus induce sy 2 b one of the bloggers..evn tau xterer bab2 nk nuleh ni tp stil nk wt gak..pedulik ape!!'s good 2 try sumtin new n test my credibilty+power+skill n pape lg laa..

Hope dis blog not only precious 2 me but also can benefits human sapients out there..InsyaAllah..

i wanna start it with Al fatihah..the Ummul Quran..Searching for His Bless..